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FOCUS Courses

Master the techniques and songs of a specific style or genre on ukulele.

Giddy Up and Learn Toe-Tappin' Country & Bluegrass Strummin'

For beginner to intermediate ukulele players. Combine muting, swing rhythm, and strumming technique to create toe-tappin' country and bluegrass strums in the style of Johnny Cash.

  • Discover the “Boom-Chicka” Strum
  • Learn Country Bluegrass Alternating Picking Strums
  • Explore How to Create a “Railroad Tracks” Rhythm with Percussive Mutes
  • Apply Your Skills and Learn to Play Well-Known Country Bluegrass Songs

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Jazz Up Your Strumming and Learn How to Play Jazz Songs on Ukulele

For intermediate ukulele players. Discover how to jazz up your strumming and learn how to play jazz songs on ukulele.

  • Learn the Jazz Muted Strum
  • Master Jazzy Major, Minor, Diminished and Seventh Barre Chords Across the Fretboard
  • Discover How to Add Rhythmic Fills With the Triplet Strum
  • Figure Out How to Make a Song Expressive With Rhythmic Variety and Jazzy Chords

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Become a Better Solo Fingerpicker by Learning Six Minor Arpeggio Studies

For intermediate ukulele players. Become a better solo fingerpicking player on the ukulele by learning six impressive-sounding arpeggio pieces written in minor keys.

  • Pick Eighth Note and Triplet Rhythm Arpeggios
  • Challenge Your Fretting Hand With Chords Across the Fretboard
  • Discover How to Figure Out How to Position Your Fingers Without a Chord Diagram
  • Learn to Play Melodic, Intricate-Sounding Arpeggio-Based Pieces
  • Make Your Picking Sound Expressive and Emotive

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Learn to Play Christmas Songs in the Chord Melody Style on Ukulele

For intermediate to advanced ukulele players. Discover how to play well-loved Christmas songs in chord melody where you combine picked melody and strummed harmony.

  • Learn How to Pick and Strum at the Same Time
  • Discover the Process for Learning Challenging Chord Melody Songs
  • Fingerpick the Melody and Strum the Harmony of Well-Known Christmas Songs
  • Get Tips and Tricks on How to Play These Pieces

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