Enrollment For Brett McQueen's Blues Tricks is Opening on Monday, August 29th

Watch this free 4-part video series to learn more about the upcoming online course.

4-Part Blues Week Video Series

1. How to Strum the 12-Bar Blues & Sound "Bluesy"

Uncover the secret to sounding bluesy and get started with the 15-Minute Play-to-Learn Method by learning to jam out the 12-bar blues.

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2. Learn the C Blues Scale to Prepare to Solo

Continue to implement the 15-Minute Play-to-Learn Method and learn the C blues scale with an important exercise.

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3. Play Your First Blues Lick On Ukulele & Begin to Solo

I teach you a blues lick and a key trick to sound bluesy and expressive in your solos.

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4. The Complete Plan to Playing Blues on Ukulele

Discover the three things you must learn to proficiently play blues on ukulele with ease and confidence.

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How to Get Early Access to Blues Tricks and Guarantee Your Spot

Unfortunately I can only work with a handful of students at a time. Unlike some of my other courses, I limit Blues Tricks registration to provide the best support and experience for my students.

When enrollment for the course opens again, sign up as soon as you see it, because registration is only open for a limited time (this will be the only time Blues Tricks opens this year).

Here's how to make sure you get in:

  • Open your email inbox on Monday, August 29, 2022 at 1:00 PM eastern timezone
  • Refresh your inbox until you get an email from me
  • Open the email and click on the private early-bird registration link inside the email to join the class
  • Secure your spot in the class immediately

Show up on time on Monday and follow the instructions above to make sure you get a spot this year!

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    "Brett is a wonderful teacher who is very relaxed when he teaches and plays, which makes me relaxed when I play. He explains his lessons very well and the progression of his lesson plan makes total sense."

    – Gillett C., Student

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    Brett McQueen

    Brett McQueen is a life-long ukulele player, author of Ukulele Exercises For Dummies and founder of Ukulele Tricks, a website dedicated to helping people all around the world experience the joy of learning to play ukulele. In the last ten years, he's taught over 10,000 students how to play ukulele for the first time and has taught thousands of ukulele players how to play the blues.

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