Enrollment For Brett McQueen's Fingerpicking Tricks is Opening on Monday, October 4th

Watch this free 6-part video series to learn more about the upcoming online course.

6-Part Fingerpicking Video Series

1. Get Started With Fingerpicking Technique

Discover the 15-Minute Play-to-Learn Method and the foundations of fingerpicking technique.

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2. Start Fingerpicking Ukulele Now With This One Easy Pattern

Start implementing the 15-Minute Play-to-Learn Method now and learn a fingerpicking pattern.

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3. One Fast Way to Create Fingerpicking Solos on Ukulele

I reveal my secret called the First-Time Fingerstyle-r Trick to come up with your own fingerpicking solos fast.

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4. Complete Roadmap to Go From Beginner to Solo Fingerpicker

Uncover the three ingredients you must have to fingerpick solo on the ukulele with ease and confidence.

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5. How These 7 Students Became Proficient Fingerpickers

See and hear how these Fingerpicking Tricks students learned to fingerpick their ukulele.

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6. Next Steps to Fingerpick Solo and Fingerpicking Tricks Q&A

Get the next steps to fingerpick on ukulele and get your questions answered about the upcoming course.

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How to Get Early Access to Fingerpicking Tricks and Guarantee Your Spot

Unfortunately I can only work with a handful of students at a time. Unlike some of my other courses, I limit Fingerpicking Tricks registration to provide the best support and experience for my students. Some of my past programs have sold out in as less than a day.

When enrollment opens, you need to sign up as soon as you see it, because spots tend to sell out very fast. One reason I've created an early-bird waitlist is so you can get access before the public. But to secure your spot you need to act immediately when you get an email from me.

Here's how to make sure you get in:

  • Open your email inbox on Sunday, October 3, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST
  • Refresh your inbox until you get an email from me
  • Open the email and click on the secret early-bird registration link inside the email to join the class
  • Secure your spot in the class immediately

It's likely there will be a rush to the registration page on Sunday since there are so many people on the early-bird waiting list. Show up on time on Sunday and follow the instructions above to make sure you get a spot.

Registration for Fingerpicking Tricks is opening soon. Please enter your information below to be added to the early-bird waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when we open enrollment.

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    "Fingerpicking Tricks has given me a lot of pleasure in learning ukulele without any of the stress and confusion that comes with learning solo. It’s because Brett gives quick answers to any questions and has laid out the course perfect for beginners like me. Before I discovered Ukulele Tricks I tried learning solo and ended up putting my ukulele down before getting anywhere. Now I have goals set and finishing a lesson gives me a great sense of achievement. It’s very rewarding and I’m very happy with my progress. I actually bought Fingerpicking Tricks as my first course because that’s the style I love. I highly recommend the course."

    – Jai C., Fingerpicking Tricks student

    About Your Instructor

    Brett McQueen

    Brett McQueen is a life-long ukulele player, author of Ukulele Exercises For Dummies and founder of Ukulele Tricks, a website dedicated to helping thousands of people all around the world to experience the joy of learning to play ukulele. In the last ten years, he's taught over 10,000 students how to play ukulele for the first time and has taught 3,500 students how to fingerpick in multiple styles.

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